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Old courtyard of xiamen
1. What's interesting in the scenic spot?

Amorous feelings of the old courtyard folk culture park takes you through time and space back to the south of fujian province fishing village historic house, with lifelike wax figures and minnan architecture, folk customs, culture and historical scenes realistic reduction, let you feel as it were, the local traditional fishing village culture, folk culture, mazu culture, and Chinese ancestral culture in five thousand. You can also enjoy the unique up to 32.3 meters of the "three mazu" dynamic visions ceremony music fountain, see the exciting wa stunt ", on wheels, "wulin JueXue" the eternal ", minnan traditional spice bag puppet show, you can also experience the fantasy fun "drunken cabin", "mirror maze", etc.

2.Are there any food in the scenic spot?
There are old pier restaurants in the scenic area, which can enjoy the delicacies of southern fujian

In the other old courtyard, there is a street in the folk custom garden, which can be purchased by ticket.

3.What is the reservation number for the old terminal restaurant?

0592-7795566, 15705921588

4. How long will the scenic spot be finished? How long is the show?
The normal sightseeing time of the scenic spot is about half an hour.

The "legend of minnan" show is one hour long, because the audience is a mobile stand, and it takes some time for the tourists to go up and down the boat, so it will take at least 1.5 hours to get to the entrance and the break time.

5. Do you have any precautions to watch the legend of minnan?

Before watching the performance, bags, water and beverages, such as liquids, inflammable and explosive, and other dangerous goods are forbidden to be carried, bags and other items can be stored. Bags smaller than 12cm x 20cm by 4cm can be brought into the grand theatre.

6. Why not have a bag? Why not bring water, drinks and other liquids?
Assessed by fire, for visitors to security concerns, avoid caused by emergency evacuation congestion, illegal workers carry kerosene sulfuric acid and other dangerous goods to enter, and therefore are not allowed to carry bag, carrying liquid dangerous goods such as admission.

Free bottled water will be provided in the theatre. If necessary, bring an empty cup.

7.Is storage free? How much is it?

The storage fee of the storage container is RMB 5 / time. The team must provide the team register certificate (issued by the team ticket office) for free storage (one cabinet per 10 persons).

8. Do you want money for the second opening of the locker?

The locker shall be used for one-time use, and the second opening shall be recharged.

9. How to handle the key of the locker?
The key of the visitor's locker should be safekeeping. If the key is lost, it will pay 50 yuan for opening the locker.
10.Why do I charge for storage?

Because the storage container is specially customized, the cost is high; In order to provide better service to tourists, we also have professional service staff, which increase the cost of staff, so we will charge a small amount of storage fee to reduce the cost. We also hope that the storage fee will be used to guide tourists to put their belongings in the car and travel light.

11. Can the storage counter deposit the stroller?

The deposit office does not provide the pram hosting service. If it needs to be stored, please send it to the visitor service center.

12.Can tourists be like the garden twice?

Our scenic area belongs to the use of the ticket once, not allowed to enter the park twice.

13. Can I fix the ticket?

Ticket loss can not be reissued, the requirement to enter the park or enter the grand theatre will need to be purchased separately

14. Is the ticket badly required for a change of ticket?
If the ticket number is clear, you can go to the ticket office to check
- the ticket number is not clear and the seats and seats are checked by the ticket office. Tickets can be changed on the day

- such as the ticket number, the seat number, the information of the field and other information are vague and unclear, cannot be checked to the field question, will not change the ticket, according to the ticket processing

15.What are the bus stops near the scenic spot?
You can take the bus 954/691/898/909/909/929, or take the 914/949/692/957 road bus to the old yard scenic spot, or take the quick 1 or fast 6 line at the tian cuo BRT station
16.How do you get to the north station from your scenic spot?
Can walk to xiamen software institute station from 898 to xiamen north stop; Or walk to the old yard scenic spot on the 914/949/692/957 road bus to xiamen north station; Or go to the tian cuo BRT station by quick 1 or fast 6 to xiamen north station; Or take a taxi to xiamen north station, 4 minutes or so, the toll is about 10 yuan
17.Do you offer umbrellas, strollers, or wheelchair services?

The visitor center is provided, but the deposit is required. The baby carriage needs to pay 200 yuan deposit, the wheelchair needs to pay 500 yuan deposit, and the umbrella needs to pay 50 yuan deposit.

Weihai huaxia city
Common problems:
1) distribution of tourist routes in weihai huaxia scenic area?

Hello, the tour guide is the hiking trail and the roadway. For details, please refer to the tourist guide map of huaxia city.

2) location of infirmary in scenic spot? What if I don't feel well?

Hello, the medical office of the scenic spot is in the south side of the square.

3) are the scenic spots providing tour guides and commentator services?

Hello, the scenic spot provides the team and the casual guest explanation service.

4) where can I see the performance of the scenic spot?

Hello, you can know the time of the performance in the ticket window, telephone consultation, WeChat public number.

5) the organization and location of the complaints received by weihai huaxia city

Hello, the location is at the south side visitor service center of the square plaza, the visitor center phone 0631-5999136

6) what is the maximum capacity of the scenic area (aquarium)?

Hello, we have a maximum capacity of 68,000 people in the scenic area. (our maximum capacity is 20,000 people, tourists are a lot of visitors, and the number of tourists is a circular tour, and there is a lot of liquidity.)

It has a daily capacity of 522,000 people
It has a maximum capacity of 68,000 people
The maximum capacity of 38,000 people is 6000

Instantaneous capacity of 208,000 people

7) are there any places to eat in the scenic area?

Hello, there are fast food restaurants in the scenic area, and there are many snack shops nearby.

8) how can the rental service be provided?

Hello, the rental is free for use after the deposit, and you can go to the visitor center for further information.

9) how long will it take?

Hello, huaxia city is about two and a half hours to three hours of walking tour, and the world of the ocean is about two hours to two and a half hours.

10) what are the main services provided by the tourist service center?
Hello, customer service center offers consultation, publicity materials exhibition, luggage, complaints, while good deeds registration of scenic spots, dealing with accident harm, provide free drinking water, wheelchair, crutch, a crutch, children's car and umbrella, souvenir sale, free to rest, video playback, postal service and weihai tourism related information.
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