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Old courtyard of xiamen
1. Bus routes
(1) "old yard scenic spot" exit: 692,914,949,957,917 (west station of old courtyard scenic spot)
(2) "software institute station" exit: 691,898,900,909,929,935,954

(3) "xiamen north station transfer lines:" a(690,691,790,792,890,898,901,905,907,936,943,950,953,980)to a "xiamen north station to get off, turn to the 692,949,957,691,898, get off at the old yard area station 】 

2. BRT lines

Quick 1 line, quick 6 line field station stop off, walk south 5 minutes

3.The island is open to traffic

"Once adjacent An - old courtyard scenic spot" xiamen travel through train

4. The jimei scenic area is open to traffic
Once adjacent An to the ferry terminal - turtle garden, garden, garden to soak up the spring, cheng yi discovery center of science and technology - ling ling international circus city - - [old yard scenic spot], three circle model base, eagle pit valley folk culture park, shuanglongtan
Yellow house beach station: 07:40 08:40 09:40

Return journey of xiamen old courtyard: 14:30 20:30

5. Self-drive line
(1) xiamen's old courtyard scenic spot
(2) the gulangyu/south putuo has adjacent An to huandao road, jimei bridge - mansion sand high speed field collection of links (line) - > turn 600 meters north station the first traffic light turn right - old yard area
(3) guanyin mountain/wutong wharf, jimei bridge, quanxia expressway (tmall link line), the first traffic light at the north station, the first traffic light, 600m right, the old courtyard scenic spot
(4) haicang, ma ching road, haixiang avenue, tianwaterways, old courtyard scenic area
(5) tongan, tongji north road, tianlu, haixiang avenue, tianwaterways, old courtyard scenic area

(6) xiang 'an - haixiang avenue - tianwaterways - old courtyard scenic area

Weihai huaxia city
Urban traffic routes:
1. Bus routes
Urban direction: in the "wei gao, hualian" in the 49/50 road (originating), the terminal is "huaxia city scenic area"
Directions: in the direction of "weihai bus station" and "Marine park", the 35/58 road can reach the "huaxia city scenic spot".
High area direction: take the bus at the "weihai bus station" in the high area, take K1 / K2/12, and take the bus at weihai bus station to the north, and get off at the "huaxia city scenic spot".

Weihai north station: take the K4 route to the "long peak" station at weihai north station and transfer to the "huaxia city scenic spot" station.

2. Self-drive route
The direction of the city: (1) drive in the west direction from Qingdao road
(2) drive from the ring road to the west (the road is now in the rectification period, and the proposed route is recommended)
Directions: from Qingdao road to the west of China
High area direction: (1) drive south from shichang avenue into Qingdao road and drive west

(2) drive from high area to south of huanshan road and drive south to huaxia road to huaxia city scenic area (the road is now in the rectification period, suggested to choose the route)

Outside self-drive route:
Jinan, zibo direction: jiqing expressway to weifang diesel, high speed, with three high-speed - smoke wei highway to double island expressway toll - sechang avenue - Qingdao - huaxia road - the Chinese city (after the toll station takes about 20 minutes)
Yantai direction: fuwei expressway to shuangdao high speed toll station, shichang avenue, Qingdao road, huaxia road, huaxia city (about 20 minutes after receiving toll station)
Qingdao direction: qingwei expressway, weihai toll plaza, downtown to Qingdao road, huaxia road, huaxia city (about 10 minutes after receiving toll station)
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