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Old courtyard of xiamen
1. Folk culture of old courtyard:
Opening time: 08:00
Stop selling tickets: 17:50
Stop in: 18:00

Closing time: 18:30

2. The legend of minnan:
2 times: 13:30/19:30
3 times: 11:00/13:30/19:30
4 times: 11:00/13:30/15:30/19:30
Five time: 11/13:30 / hold/technology / 7:30
13:30 -- 14:30 check in, 13:20 stop checking in
Check in at 18:30 and stop checking in at 19:20

(stop checking in 10 minutes before the show)

Weihai huaxia city
1. Current business hours of huaxia city:
The current opening hours of huaxia city scenic spot (please refer to the scenic spot for the difference of the high season)
At 7:00 morning time:
Stop ticketing and check-in time: 17:00

Closed garden time: 17:30 (weihai people's air defense education museum in the scenic area closed at 16:30)

2. The current performance time of "legend of the gods" :
Run a live-action performance - "fugue legend" show show in the current (performance time will be adjusted according to the sunset time, please refer to our scenic area of the public)
Check-in time: - (but the word
Performance time: 19:40 -- 20:40
The following two fields are executed as follows:
Check-in time: -- 21:00 shall lie

Performance time: 21:20 -- 22:20

3. Current operating time of the ocean world:
The current operating time of the ocean world (please refer to the scenic spot)
Opening time: 8:00
Stop checking and ticketing time: 17:00
Closing time: 17:30
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