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Xian China brigade water world covers is the Chinese text of lean strength to build a family parent-child swimming as the theme, set riding amusement, a stunt theater, cruise, ecological leisure, catering, theme shops, integrated services in the integration of large theme with international advanced technology and management level of the water amusement park. The project is based on the profound cultural heritage of shaanxi and creates a magical journey in a variety of happy ways. Project funnel dynamic mechanical amusement, Marine animals live, set ornamental, popular science, performance, a variety of experience, such as theme commercial collection at the same time water parent-child interaction, adventure recruit and other amusement function, the emphasis on family common experience growing new amusement era, different age, different cultural backgrounds of the different needs of tourists here will be fully satisfied.

Water world has a dozen large water land paradise for visitors at each age level, including the Chinese super vacuum made waves pool, build wave height can be up to 3 meters high, can accommodate tens of thousands of people in the surf at the same time. There are also thousands of meters of drifting river, the surface of the water at 1 meter per second, providing adventurous and exciting surfing experiences for the tourists who like to drift. which gives swimming lovers a place to swim. Along with a variety of large aquatic amusement equipment, loudspeakers slide, super beast bowl slide, slide, king cobras plastic slide slope, rainbow rafts slide, slide and other slides for tourists. At the same time, there are family play water slides, children's water village, Maya water village, children's play pool and children's fishing.

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