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Xia Chunting, China brigade group chairman, 10th, the 11th National People's Congress, standing committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference of shandong province, the Chinese showbiz legend series of general planning, the general director, China news photography association, weihai China academy chief. Successively won the national May 1 labor medal, model workers in shandong province, shandong province and enriching xing lu, national labor medal guangcai award, outstanding builder of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, Chinese private enterprises ten people in the news, China's outstanding private entrepreneurs.

30 s to start a business form shandong huaxia group, the main industry, construction machinery, school education, real estate development, etc., after in cultural tourism industry, to build the first city - weihai city huaxia cultural tourism complex project, become China's first in a quarry built on the ruins of new town green ecological environmental protection. In 2014, the "go out" strategy of cultural tourism industry was implemented, and the comprehensive project was built in xiamen, fujian province and xi 'an, shaanxi province.

In addition to the knowledge of the management of enterprise management, xia chunting has a great cultural heritage, and has a good command of calligraphy and painting, and has won the first world Chinese "Renaissance award" outstanding achievement award. In literature, literary talent is extremely high, high school creative luju opera "two bear droppings" third prize was awarded yantai region, he write stories, poems are several newspapers published, his calligraphy paintings in the province, city competition awards, biography of the world list of calligraphy and painting, the first volume. Xia chunting was the mastermind of the documentary "daming butler", which aired on CCTV's 10 "discovery" program. In addition, by Xia Chunting as general planning, director of the large live-action performance fugue preach under minnan under well, camel under Chinese performing arts legend series in the national fame, rave reviews, and gradually become a beautiful beautiful city's cultural card, also become the important carrier of local culture and the window.

He was free to love calligraphy, and because his family was not taught, he had no teacher. His study of "no wall zhai", the meaning of calligraphy, painting without the frame of restraint, can not be no body, reflect the frankness and the authenticity, formed their own distinctive characteristics. Since starting his own business, Mr. Xia has been keeping a diary, keeping a record of the important things that happen every day, and now there are more than 900. Open his diary, the steel words are vigorous and powerful, capture the eyeball. Look closely, you can often see a lot of subtle language of, such as "enterprise need zhi sou, but never laugh at yu gong", "change of stability and development of survival", "the deer runs faster is the Wolf nian, with sharks grow fast", "simple question must to complex consideration, finally is simple to achieve a goal" and so on, thought-provoking, long aftertaste.


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