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Huaxia culture transformation of after more than ten years development, has now established a covering cultural tourism, the Chinese performing arts, theme park tourist scenic spot investment operation management, hotel catering tourism, tourism product development, hosting operations such as the whole chain of cultural tourism industry cluster, group adhering to the "use, the most flattering stage, and speak good Chinese story, good spreading Chinese excellent traditional culture, carry forward the good society is energy" the creation of the concept, research and development created to "run a live-action performance - Chinese showbiz legend series" as the core of competitive products, tourism industrialization operation mode of urban culture, in a short period of time show strong market competitive advantage, high recognition by the industry and tourists, become unique innovative brand of cultural tourism in China.

In 2014, the group actively implemented the "go out" strategy and established subsidiaries in xiamen, xi 'an, kunming and nanjing to build a comprehensive project. At present, the group has successfully forged in weihai in shandong province, fujian Mosaic projects, xiamen and xi 'an, a total of three live-action performance, three scenic spots, two Marine world, theme parks, three resort hotel, the scenic spots in 1 was named national 5 a grade scenic spot, one was named national 4 a grade scenic spot. The rich and colorful tourism resources and the comprehensive development of the elements of the shopping and entertainment shopping will gradually form the unique brand influence of enterprises in the cultural tourism industry.

Huaxia culture complex project of building window - run live performing arts epic series, subverts the traditional audience while stage drama performance mode, innovation is the audience is surrounded by stage drama performance experience among them, 47 have a patent for invention and utility model patents, ensure the uniqueness. Run a live-action acting as a revolution of the Chinese performing arts, CCTV, shandong TV, travel TV, People's Daily, China tourism news, xinhua, sohu net, sina and so on more than 6000 media reports conducted intensive and give high praise. The legend of legend has been named "China's top ten live performance" by the China performing arts association.

It has been a great deal of honor for many years. Huaxia culture tour group has won the national tourism industry outstanding contribution award (horse award), the national cultural industry demonstration base, cultural industry demonstration zone in shandong province, national demonstration base of recreational fishery, tourism enterprises in shandong province, 20, top 30 of cultural industry in shandong province, shandong province forestry top ten star enterprise.

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