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Xian China brigade ocean kingdom covers an area of 120000 ㎡, as China's largest Marine kingdom in northwest China, was a Chinese tour group, with many years of accumulated experience, absorbing the essence of domestic and international famous theme park and around the world to be unique to the integration of Marine culture and local folk custom, the integration of all kinds of rare sea creatures and polar animals, created by the concentration of amusement, scientific research and education, the fishing village and Marine cultural transmission as one of the large-scale multi-functional integrated Marine kingdom. The ocean kingdom of xi 'an huaxia wenhua has five main theme areas: the whale house, the aquarium, the sea animal house, the 5D flight theatre, and the land paradise. Whale museum, aquarium, the sea pavilion contains 15 distinctive theme pavilions, except in the construction of venues are analogous to other Marine animals, biological Marine venues have ornamental value, more is the use of modern high-tech means such as multimedia, sound and light to achieve virtual and reality combine, the effect of tactile and visual harmony, pay more attention to show physical and image world fishing village of the display and inheritance of culture, different theme pavilions for tourists also elaborate the brilliant performance of stadium project.

5 d cinema flight by shock, stimulation, happiness, suspense and the audio-visual feeling, let visitors experience the virtual simulation, thrilling adventure travel, more understanding of knowledge in the relaxed and happy, fun. Land park contains more than 20 theme rides, with careful design, unique style, and fun and interesting interaction, which brings people unlimited enjoyment.

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