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Enter the old fishing village and explore the mysterious land of the sea

The sea world of weihai is an important part of the national 5A scenic area, weihai huaxia city. It is integrated with the natural beauty of the mountains and rivers, forming the wonders of the sea in the mountains. Include fish in the world, old fishing villages, the Mediterranean amorous feelings street, "care for the Marine science promenade, steam era", the coral sea, colorful jellyfish, fugue naval and air, fantasy submarine shows, deep sea exploration, polar view ocean theatre, joy, and so on several big exhibition. Besides showing regular class of Marine life, travel to ocean world aquarium unique from other in Marine and fisheries culture as the theme, from jiaodong look around the world, show jiaodong characteristics of fisheries culture, build full of different region amorous feelings of the Mediterranean Sea fisheries culture viewing area, building submarines ornamental storehouse, reproduce European steam fish culture, acting at the same time combined with a group of fish, Marine popular science knowledge propaganda and so on, set ornamental, participation, experience, science and education, culture, let visitors feel magical Marine culture.

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