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I will run the performance of "the legend of minnan"

Minnan culture as the main line, integrated into the local characteristics, the folk customs, folk wind, folk music and cultural history, using high-tech display technique combined with the latest international tourism performing repertoire, creating the world's first indoor 360 degrees live theatre and rotate 360 degrees to walk the great ship auditorium, stage engineering of 47 new technology patents, the performance degree of shock as world-class high-end entertainment show, thoroughly break the myth of the Las Vegas show.

Repertoire IntroductionSpecial show

  • One: the island of heaven
  • Two: island city war
  • Three: south ocean adventure
  • Four: fishing village family
  • Five: the descendants of the dragon
  • Six: blessing hua xia
In the chaotic world, the prehistoric god opened the world and presented the magnificent and magnificent prehistoric world. Ancient behemoths dinosaurs dominate the earth, however, seems to be busy noisy tropical rain, actually undercurrent, star meteor swarms "invasion" of the earth, no signs of volcanic eruption, the blue planet, disappear forever in the holocaust. The world is set at the beginning of the world, an island of paradise, the white egret and snake war, egret, they have been rooting for generations on this charming island, known as the island of heron.
Silence of the sea suddenly shining lights, and the attack on war, rises music transformation in the surface of the water wall, zheng chenggong led soldiers fought, brave resistance to the Dutch army, fierce naval battles, one does not make offensive and defensive war, solemn and stirring, shock, make the person feel the sides of the Taiwan straits is indispensable flesh, build prosperous times the huaxia Chinese dream.
The song of the song from the south of the ocean waves from the waves, the story of the family's departure, the hometown of homesiceness, the water mountain flying people, the motor boat stunt performance stuns; The volcanic eruption, lava pouring, looting, tsunami, people and nature are breathtaking. The lights were focused, and the 10-story high dive brought the atmosphere to a climax, holding the audience breathless and excited.
The stars, crescent moon, stone bridge, ancient cuo, graceful and sweet fishing women, beautiful and exquisite picture weaving a quiet case of the minnan fishing village daily scroll. The minnan people are the land of the sea, in the magical world of the sea, the strange and colorful sea life, the mermaid, charming and charming dance. The high-altitude silk crane men and women's lingering, the happy and lively of the south fujian people, all in the thick paint to paint the life of the minnan people happy, rich and comfortable.
The Chinese nation is the heir of the dragon. Sacrificial blessing, drums, singing, dancing, fantasy. 2000 tons of water fell from the sky and turned over the towering waves, creating the majestic momentum of "the water of the Yellow River", the giant golden dragon of 17 meters rising into the air, the water mist erupting and the thundering of joy.
The flower fairy dance, the beginning of the Chinese summer gala. Fit the song ha ha, witty humor smile she steps, may be the Chinese martial arts, people exciting "love spell will win", kindly lovely manifestations of god of wealth, progressive performance independent of minnan people their fighting spirit of self-improvement and the prosperity of a better life. Powerful melodious song remind of, up to 18 metres of mazu eikon rises, audience passion, emotion, can't help heart born worship, thank you devout matsu, bliss I huaxia, god bless my China.

 Business HoursSpecial show

Two games a day: 13:30-14:30, 19:30-20:30

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