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The running performance of the "legend of the legend" show

Run a live-action performance - "fugue legend" xiu, huaxia acting legend series one piece, the easternmost point in shandong peninsula, weihai city huaxia scenic spot, is "China town" city cultural tourism is an important part of the complex, weihai is also a national 5 a grade scenic spot in the soul of the Chinese city.

Repertoire IntroductionSpecial show

  • In order: heaven gives hua xia
  • One: ancestral tribes
  • Two: phoenix nirvana
  • Three: eight fairies
  • Four: the amorous feelings
  • Five: the descendants of the dragon
  • Six:God bless China
Pangu opened heaven and earth, fu xi nu wa's hardships pregnant with the children of hua xia. The sun is known as the golden bird, and ten gold uds appear in the sky. Monsters are raging, creatures are painted. Houyi killed the people, and on the ninth day, he defeated jinwu, and the moon and the fairy maiden went to the moon, and the sun rose from the east every day, which ignited the fire of human civilization.

On the eve of the first great amalgamation of the Chinese nation, the horde was blooded and blooded. The yellow emperor of the yellow emperor fought the heroes, conquered chiyu, unified the tribes, ignited the bonfire of national unity, and began the Chinese civilization. Xuanyuan yellow emperor was revered as the "ancestor" of Chinese civilization.

Chiu: "xuanyuan, you and I are fighting for the defeat of the tribe. The winner is the loser, the deer, you can defeat me chiyu, I bow my head."

Xuanyuan: "the chiu, the tribal fighting, the innocent, only the elimination of barbaric times, can unite the tribe, welcome the Chinese civilization."

Soldier: "loyal to the yellow emperor, defeat chiyu, unite the tribe. Loyal to huangdi, defeat chiyu, unify the tribes, kill!"

Dayu is at the beginning of the Chinese ancestors, is a household name water-control hero, he governance floods, overcome the disaster, stability and kyushu, phoenix nirvana, establish huaxia, let people in tribal disputes ashes.

Da yu is a water cure hero, splitting mountains and mountains, managing water problems, crossing rivers, and never entering the house. As an emperor, he toured the Yangtze river, the hut was a cottage, the wild food was a beam, and he died in the road, and died in shaoxing. Four thousand years old tree evergreen, ancient tomb deposits, yuwang temple all over shenzhou, fragrant fire. Da yu, as the first emperor of huaxia, unified the tribes, ding and dingding the whole world, established the first dynasty in the land of China, and since then the Chinese nation has stood in the east, and the ancient civilization has been in the ascends for generations.

"The eight fairytales" is a legend of the jiaodong peninsula. The eight immortals and the dragon king was bitter rivals, but spread preach and become good friends, today is the dragon king married female, original dragon temple festival scene out has the sea, the eight immortals also pitching, drama to come.

Zhang guoan old: "iron crutch li, walk with stick cane so quick"

The iron turns li: "zhang guo old, quick also can not catch up the donkey ah"

He xiangu: "seven big immortals, not anxious, I wait for you before the dragon palace gate (mouth), eight fairy piece to dragon king to go to"

Together: "dragon king marry female, happy to go"

Close: "old dragon marries female, eight fairy congratulatory"
Funny and lovely avanty took us through the mystery of the silk road tour, the water enters the Persian girl, colorful brilliant datangshengshi, adventure of acrobatics skills, you will feel the prosperous time of huaxia tolerance and civilization.
Chinese children are descendants of the dragon, the dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation, the drum is the symbol of Chinese national strength, horse pentium through time and space, the Yellow River water cascading, the drum of rapids have rolling ring, to meet with the great revival of the Chinese nation.

A story of the city of hua xia. The temple of taiping is full of fairy spirits. Princess taiping has been the king of hong zhi to build the temple of taiping, a thousand three hundred years old bell long Ming, laughing Buddha always open, Buddha you I, a lifetime of happiness, god bless hua xia, safe and lucky!

Princess taiping: "my heart always CARES for taiping temple, may the world be happy every day, a life of peace".

 Business HoursSpecial show

The season is from may to mid-october

First check time: 18:20-19:20, performance time: 19:40-20:40

Second ticket time (if any) : 20:20-21:00, performance time: 21:20-22:20
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