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The running of the live-action "legend of camel bells" show

"The first live-action performance of the camel bells" show in xi 'an will be performed at xi 'an huaxia grand theatre. Will bell the legends and elements of the series into scenes around on the wonderful performance, led the audience through time and space, brings the shock of the mind, as if ear spread on the silk road is crisp TuoLingSheng, saw the ray of solitary smoke in the desert. The wonderful music and the dramatic plot will bring you a grand audio-visual feast.

Repertoire IntroductionSpecial show

  • The years are in the present
  • One: send you thousands of miles
  • Two: Wolf road distress
  • Three:exotic
  • Four: xiang rain wash dust
  • Five: yinglang returns
  • Six: hua xia shengshi
As the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, chang 'an was also the starting point of the silk road. The wind of history can bury the hero's bones, but the spirit of the ancestors survived forever. Through time and space, looking back on the past, I heard the faint camel bell on the silk road, and I saw the smoke in the vast desert. The little drops on the ancient silk road will be brought back to your eyes in today's high-tech combination of live performance and the performance of the actors, so that you can feel your presence and empathy.
The old terminal west of guanting lake and the three rivers in the east are the epitome of the great tang. Thus on the silk road became datang fanatical pursuit of hemorrhagic man, camel work hard all the way, go forward, blessing to dependency, the silk road on how much a dream people rich as croesus, how many bones are forever on the silk road, for the prosperity of local and datang prosperous. The road is long, the heart leads, don't tears, wet the front, send you a thousand li. The tang is all here.
Western scenery is amorous, west road has been amazed. The western region is a necessary place for silk road, and the comical avanti paints mysterious colors for the enchanting scenery, but it is the devil's door that the camel team cannot escape. Camel workers, not afraid of disaster town, you meet a Wolf with a day for life, even the monkey see the will shed tears, taken up in all the way through the volcano, avalanche, bandits, death desert challenges such as natural disasters, leave persistent story handed down from ancient times to the future generations.
After many hardships finally arrived in the flourish of the Roman camel team and the many brothers had gathered on the streets of camel team and the bustling bazaar, silk and porcelain, all kinds of goods full of beautiful things in eyes, holding the Roman young girl with a lithe and graceful dance camel attracted to outdoor stage, camel exquisite Chinese kung fu, acrobatics and blue eyes fighter skills on stage, is wonderful, match well of Chinese and western, Chinese amorous feelings of the show is different in different region.
The camel is full of the joy of returning goods and journey, and all the way to the Vatican, we are lucky to meet with a group of men and women from the west bank. The camel workers also stopped by the bamiyan grottoes and made a wish before the Buddha. May the Buddha bless the camel team and pray for an early return to the countryside to be reunited with their loved ones. Coincidentally, it's a good time to be in the rain, wash away the dusty gas, and make the return journey with good luck. The camel team is full of confidence and is on the road.
The camel road is the silk road that connects the prosperity of Eurasia. The camel team is a wooden shuttle that connects the friendship on silk road. After generations of camels, the camel road, the hometown, is the sweet dream that the camel workers return to the heart. Laid the full harvest and hope, joy and affection let TuoLingSheng home especially is ringing, sa and sisters as early as in ancient Ba bridge next to lang, year after year, looking forward to a day a day, one day, they came back...
Camel caravan is through and connecting the Eurasian countries friendly messenger, the silk road have promoted the exchange of the world, the Eurasian economic development and national strength, also enhance the friendship and relationship, but also for datangshengshi prosperity and prosperity. Wanguo to the north, not lively, celebrate the friendship, happy, the great tang emperor wishes the silk road prosperity, the wealth and prosperity, the national peace and prosperity. Wish me a peaceful and prosperous summer.

 Business HoursSpecial show

Game 1:14:00-15:00 second game: 15:00-16:00 game 3:17:00-18:00

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