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Xi 'an resort

Huaxia wen xian tour resort is the huaxia culture tourism group in xi 'an action Ba biome building large complex cultural tourism projects, Wen xian tour resort to Chinese ancient eastern values as the guide, to the quality, characteristics and innovation for the sustainable development power, aims to build a, which is based on Chinese traditional culture, fully combined with the regional folk culture, with the silk road as the background, with wide shipped pool legend story, datang civilization as the main line, characteristic culture entertainment, sightseeing, catering, recreation experience, and comprehensive functions in a body's large-scale cultural tourism.

Huaxia xian wen xian tour resort projects including huaxia culture tour grand theatre, xian China brigade kingdom, xian China brigade sea water park, xi 'an ancestral tribe scenic area, guang yun town, hotel dining shopping facilities, etc. At that time, the Chinese grand theatre will stage a live performance of "the legend of camel bells", and the legendary historical and cultural classics of camel road will be staged in the shocking scene of modern and new technology. The ocean kingdom integrates the world's fishing villages and Marine cultures and provides a variety of experiences such as Marine life, science, performance, and entertainment. The water park relies on the ocean culture, gathers the dynamic mechanical amusement, the water parent-child interaction, the adventure and so on and so on the amusement function, creates the parent-child together the fun castle; The ancestral tribal scenic area is the main line of the Chinese patriarchal clan culture. Guangyun ancient town takes you back to the prosperous tang dynasty, the story and feelings of an ancient town flourishing.

Huaxia wen xian tour resort based on "in" history and culture, to fully demonstrate the Chinese elements in xian, embody Chinese culture, display characteristics, effectively promote the development of cultural tourism industry integration, build a new business card of xi 'an cultural tourism.

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