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Weihai huaxia scenic spot

National 5 a grade scenic spot - weihai city huaxia as in shandong huaxia culture tour group to build the ancient city of urban cultural tourism is an important part of the complex, was a Chinese tour group from at the beginning of 2003, after more than 10 years of repair of weihai longshan 44 in mine, combining environmental governance and tourism development of important achievements, through the "yu gong yi shan", "phoenix nirvana" arduous. It is now built on the scenic spots of various quarry sites, and has the most comprehensive display of the yu palace, the historical culture of the yao shanyu period, and the summer garden, which shows the characteristics of jiaodong folk custom. There are underground works built in the pit -- weihai people's air defense education center, and the mining pit is covered with soil and the tourists visit the pit. There are the first Chinese brand building in China with the largest span of China, the world's unique three aspects, such as acrobatics, equestrian and other traditional performances...  

Which build will run in the pit live-action performance - "fugue legend" show pioneered the combination of natural landscape and cultural landscape of live-action performance, the audience to take run the mobile stand can enjoy water, land, empty across space and time performance.

Weihai city huaxia scenic area is now a natural landscape and yue born beauty, cultural architecture, folk performing arts bright brightness, ChiZhuHang tour entertainment for comprehensive development of large ecological cultural tourism city.
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